Friday, September 14, 2012

Jimmy's Diner

So yeah, we snuck in a visit to a Brooklyn favorite - Jimmy's Diner out in Williamsburg before we headed overseas.

I think they need to change their name to Best Milkshakes in Brooklyn because, well, we discuss that later. The black and white was thick but drinkably so. It took a while but it is rather small spacing. Make that pretty darn small space. So they actually had a list of waiting patrons - we put our name down and went for short walk. It's close to MacCarren Park.

The best Black and White so far.
They bill themselves as the best chicken and waffles this side of the border but... Look, I like a good sauce. I just don't like it drenched and drowning the waffle or chicken, which rendered the syrup that they even gave us useless... The gravy was rather bland and only served to make the waffle which was great *alone* -perhaps even better if it just had room to stand away from the gravy. You we can put syrup like we're supposed to.
Drowning Chicken and Waffle.
The chicken was crispy but truly not outstanding. Other than the skin, the flavor didn't penetrate down through past the skin. It was rather disappointing. And it could have been avoided had I remembered to ask for the gravy on the side! Although nothing could make the meat more flavorful when it got into my mouth.

However, I sort of like its vibe and service but I would totally go back for different dishes or its brother restaurant.

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Jimmy's Diner
577 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
tel. 718.218.7174
Daily 9 am - 10 pm
Delivery by bike from 11 am

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